Pete Hines Mocks Pachter’s Prediction on Elder Scrolls VI Release Date

Elder Scrolls isn’t releasing anytime soon

Last week, published a list of gaming predictions for 2017 from well-known analysts, one of them being Wedbush security analyst, Michael Pachter. One of his predictions regarded the release date of Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls VI.

“The next Elder Scrolls installment comes out, the next Half-Life installment does not”, Pachter predicted. “I think Bethesda is close, and think that Valve is not. However, I’d like to be half wrong on this one.”

An interesting statement to make, especially since devs say that the game is years away…

“The Elder Scrolls isn’t coming for years”, Pete Hines said back in June of this year. When asked about the game’s development, Bethesda’s VP even stated that the game isn’t being worked on for the moment. Back in August, Hines also said that fans won’t be hearing about it for quite a while.

Bethesdas VP took to twitter to mock Pachter’s prediction, stating that he should have listened to what he and Bethesda’s producer, Todd Howard, have been saying:

“Sorry @michaelpachter but you totally punted this one”, Hines tweeted. “You should listen to me (and Todd) more often. :-)”

Pachter did intend to keep his dignity and responded with this tweet: