Assassin’s Creed 3 Q&A Reveals New Details, 20-25 Hour Campaign

Why, hello there, Ubisoft. Why don’t you take a seat? We have some questions.

Ubisoft held a Q&A session at Gamescom, and Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director on Assassin's Creed III, answered quite a lot of fan questions. Check out the transcript below.

Will there be a downloadable AC III Demo before October? Will we see an AC 3 Beta?

Alex Hutchinson (AH): Nope, this is not planned for ACIII, we are focused on the main launch.

Is rumor that if you want to play AC3 on computer you can’t play on keyboard, correct?

AH: Nope its just a rumour everything will be supported.

Is ACIII the conclusion to the series, or will there be sequels, like AC Brotherhood?

AH: We want to work more on concluding the storylines to make room for new stories… it also has the advantage of giving closure on some long running plotlines.

How long is Assassin's Creed 3?

AH: The game is more than 30 hours long.

Will there be a ton of fun side mission in AC 3, like AC 2 and AC Brotherhood?

AH: Absolutely, but we don't want to ruin the fun of discovering them for yourself.

Will Connor's assassin outfit be covered in snow during blizzards, and will it also be covered in dirt when he slides in the streets of Boston or in the frontier?

AH: In short, blood and rain will indeed affect the outfit but not dirt or snow.

They said we could climb trees in AC3, my question is, why wasn't this done before? Nothing really changed except environment and weapons. I understand it could have been glitchy but, wasn't it worth trying?

AH: The biggest challenge is creating the physics for organic shapes… no two trees are the same and that required a big investment. We are thrilled to be able to offer these features on the new ACIII.

Is Connor able to swim?

AH: Connor will be able to swim and dive.

Will Connor in AC3 have eagle sense or how does his work?

AH: Yes he will have Eagle sense.

Will we be able to upgrade our horses in AC 3, like more stamina, more health, speed upgrade, stuff like that, so we can have a badass horse we can call whenever we want?

AH: Horses are back, but they will not feature upgrade.

Can we start naval battles at any time or just in the main missions?

AH: Both, some of the naval battle scenes are tied to the main story, but you will also unlock side stories as you progress.

Will the weather change naturally or will it change according to the story?

AH: The seasons change in line with the main storyline. That said fog and rain will change naturally.

What other places Connor gonna visit?

AH: Many many locations, but most of them are under wraps for now.

In addition to this Q&A session, Steven Masters, lead designer of AC3, told GamersNET that the single player of the newest Assassin's Creed title will take approximately 20-25 hours. This obviously varies by the amount of side quests you choose to take part in.