FIFA 13 Demo Release Date, Matchday Details, Ultimate Team and More

EA adds a new set of features to FIFA 13 to extend its lead over Konami’s PES.

fifa 13

EA has revealed a host of new information at its Gamescom Press Conference, FIFA 13 will feature a FIFA Pro Club Web app(iPhone/Android) where players can search for pro clubs and manage them. Some new features have also been added to the Ultimate team mode which in this year's edition will not only include rare players but others as well, players can purchase coins for FUT from the XP they earn during online/offline games and a head to head mode for offline/online games has also been added to the mix.

The most exciting feature announced was "matchday" that will allow a dip or improvement in a player's form in real-life football change player rating in the game, but bear in mind this feature is not a part of the Ultimate Team. As goals are scored in real-life football by your team, players will be made aware of that in-commentary during the game.

The demo for FIFA 13 will be available for download September 11 on the Xbox 360, PC and PS3. It will include the likes of AC Milan, Borussia Dortmand, Arsenal, Manchester City and Juventus.

To avoid hacking, Online Pro progression will now be saved on the server and not on the file system. Online and Offline Pro Clubs are now different, so no more boosting is allowed. Maxed out Pros will be more realistic and similar to real life players.

Another good addition is no more fully assisted goal keepers in clubs which means holding LB is not going to help you anymore and you have to make control them manually. Tuned attributes and accomplishments is going to make the in-game Goal Keepers behave much more like their real life counter parts. AI teammates will improve as your Club improves.