Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 Update Adds New Ships, Updates Health Systems, Star Marine FPS Mode and More

Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 brings a lot of new content to players.

Cloud Imperium Games’ development team is always working on full cylinders to release promised updates and new features on time for their backers, and the latest update adds a lot.

Alpha 2.6 brings a lot of new content for players to sink their teeth into, including the new Star Marine FPS mode where players can battle it out in two modes; Elimination and Last Stand. It also brings new ships, third-person camera option, a new front-end UI and much more.

Here is a detailed list of the new additions to Star Citizen:

Star Marine

  • Star Marine’s initial release features two maps: OP Station Demien and Echo Eleven.
  • Star Marine has two available game modes for 2.6. Elimination, an every-man-for themselves mode where you duke it out for the highest kill-score. Last Stand, where Outlaws and Marines battle for control of four key computer access points to earn points.
  • Grenades are also available in Star Marine from the ammo crates.

Space Battles

  • Battle increasingly difficult waves of outlaws in the Pirate Swarm game mode for both Drone Sim and Spectrum matchups.
  • Enemies in specific game modes (Vanduul Swarm, Pirate Swarm, Squadron Battle, Battle Royale) now drop pickup items including Afterburner fuel, missiles, ammo or repairs.
  • We have also made the following ships available in Arena Commander, though they are restricted to Private Matches and Single Player games: Constellation Andromeda, Retaliator, and the Caterpillar.

New Ships

  • 8 new ships and variants are hangar and flight ready in 2.6.
  • Massive overhaul of ship flight mechanics.
  • Complete rebalance of SCM speeds and ship handling for all ships.
  • Afterburner and Boost functionality has been completely revised. The goal is that Afterburner becomes the method to engage/disengage combat as well as gives the choice between outright speed or better handling.
  • We’ve also reinvented our Fuel System. All ships have had a pass on their thruster fuel consumption values, intake regeneration rates and fuel tank capacities.
  • Complete rebalance of all shields, all missiles and missile racks
    and countermeasure ammo for all ships.

Persistent Universe

  • Ol ‘38 Bar added to Grim HEX landing zone.
  • Crusader has several new locations to visit and a new ICC Probe mission.
  • The Yela Asteroid belt has received some updates, with a much denser field and more varied salvage locations.

Lobby Refactor

  • Our new front end user interface is now implemented, with updated graphics and new features.
  • All new loadout customization section for Arena Commander that allows players to edit their ship components for Arena Commander matches through the game interface without the use of Port Modification. This changes will also be retained between play sessions.
  • Updated Leaderboards for Star Marine and Arena Commander on the website now rank players in each game utilizing actual UEE ranks.

Third-Person Camera System

  • The third-person cameras for Vehicle and On-Foot have been much improved in 2.6. Players can now select lens size and offset the camera to create cinematic and dynamic framing.

Health System Updates

  • Bleeding has been added to the game, in both the Persistent Universe and Star Marine. This debuff stacks (additively) with itself and will decrease your total health pool each second it ticks down until healed.

Make sure to check out Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 gameplay trailer below: