Experience a Survival Horror Story Set in Corporate Office in Baroque Decay’s Yuppie Psycho

Yuppie Psycho is one of those hidden Steam Greenlight gems so keep it on your radar.

Valve’s Steam platform is a host to many indie games that were massive hits, and it’s also home to hidden gems through its Greenlight section.

Developer Baroque Decay’s Yuppie Psycho is one of those Greenlight gems. The game revolves around Brian Pasternak, a young worker at Sintracorp who discovers that the company’s success is all thanks to a mysterious witch. Here is the game’s full description:

Brian Pasternak, a young man with no future in a dystopian society, receives a mysterious letter inviting him to work at the headquarters of Sintracorp, the most important company in the world. Once inside, he discovers what his new job really entails: hunting a “witch” whose powers made the success of the corporation possible in the first place, but who now seems to have returned to torment its employees. Brian will meet all kinds of odd characters, escape from terrible creatures, and unravel the hidden secrets of Sintracorp’s dark past.

  • Exploration: Use the elevator to discover what’s hiding on every floor and within the various departments of the powerful company Sintracorp.
  • Conversation: Investigate your co-workers and discover their secrets.
  • Stealth: The corridors of this company aren’t safe at all… creatures and bizarre employees will force you to hide and, if all else fails, run!
  • Decisions: Only you can decide how this story will end.
  • Lighting: Use different light sources to light your path and reveal what is breathing in the dark.
  • Puzzles: Find clues, solve riddles, discover new paths, and overcome challenges – all without letting the witch catch you!

Yuppie Psycho is expected to release in 2017 for PC, Mac and Linux.