Hideo Kojima Reveals His Most Anticipated Game of 2017 and It’s Red Dead Redemption 2

Kojima is mostly anticipating Red Dead Redemption 2 next year, just like everybody else.

2016 is coming to an end, and there is no doubt that year after year, the gaming industry is growing at an extremely rapid rate.

Games Industry managed to sit down with game creator and innovator Hideo Kojima and ask him about his opinion on the past year, and his expectations for next year as well as his most anticipated game. The answer wasn’t a surprise to anyone really, since it was Red Dead Redemption 2, just like the entire gaming community.

2016 was year one for virtual reality. Screen-viewing culture hadn’t changed for about 120 years, so I think the impact of VR will significantly change entertainment, our daily lives, education, culture, and so on. I don’t believe this to be only about games.

Looking ahead, for games, my pick would have to be Red Dead Redemption. My most anticipated film for 2017 is Blade Runner 2049.

Kojima also sat down with Now Loading, and revealed to them the games he liked the most this year.

Hmm, probably Inside. I try to play a lot of games, but it is hard these days to get all the way through them. Honestly, I’d say I dedicate more time to reading books or watching movies than playing games — and the biggest part of my time is focused on making games.

What do you think of Kojima’s choices?