Gifts for Star Wars Battlefront players this weekend

Free DLC, Credits and Double XP!

EA is offering a very awesome promotion in holiday celebration this weekend:

Death Star DLC will be free for everyone December 23-25, Double XP for players and 5000 credits just for logging in!

All of Death Star’s maps and modes are available during the free play weekend, though it’s not immediately clear if the DLC’s heroes, weapons, and Star cards are available as well. Chewbacca and Bossk came to Battlefront with the Death Star expansion.

The Death Star DLC came out last month which includes: maps set on the Death Star, as well as the multi-stage Battle Station mode.

If you haven’t bought Battlefront as of yet, you can get the ultimate edition for 40$ which includes all the DLC otherwise the gamers who already have the iconic space shooter Dust off your copies of Battlefront and get back into the battle!