Naughty Dog Co-Founder Thanks Sony for Their Relationship; “Sony Has Been Incredibly Good to Naughty Dog”

Naughty Dog and Sony will always be good partners.

Naughty Dog is currently enjoying its time in the spotlight after the reveal of the highly-anticipated The Last of Us sequel.

Naughty Dog Co-Founder and Head of Content at Oculus, Jason Rubin, recently sat down with IGN and discussed the studio’s relationship status with Sony.

Sony has been incredible to Naughty Dog, always giving them the assets that they need to compete. Most people don’t realize but quite often a game is won because a game got more budget. It’s bigger, it’s badder, it’s cooler because it got more budget… So, had it not been for that happening at any given time, Naughty Dog could have cratered, but Sony has been incredibly good to Naughty Dog.

He also talked about the decision to sell Naughty Dog to Sony after the massive success of their Crash franchise.

So Andy and I started talking… and it made sense. Our relationship with Sony was already so intertwined and magical and amazing that certainty for both parties made a lot of sense, and I think – my personal life story aside – it was the right decision for Naughty Dog. Look where Naughty Dog is today. As an independent, I don’t think Naughty Dog could have done that. I don’t think you’d have these games.

Naughty Dog is currently busy working on The Last of Us Part II. What do you think of Rubin’s statements?