Dead Rising 4 Delivers Some Awesome New Christmas Toys for Players

Dead Rising 4 launched their new Christmas Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack.

Everyone seems to be getting into the giving spirit. Dead Rising 4 has launched its Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack. In the new launch trailer, Frank West suits up like Santa and will now face an army of snowmen and elves (well zombies dressed as snowmen and elves).

Players will also be able to play with the festive weapons the pack has to offer. These include the “Candy Pain” and a baseball bat decorated in barbed wire and christmas lights. The game will also see a new border for the selfie camera (christmas themed of course).

Of course there will also be a new vehicle for all you boys and girls to play with. “Santa’s Little Melter” is an epic motorcycle that shoots lasers from an attached reindeer head (making the subtle acknowledgment of Rudolph).

The pack is included in the season pass, or can be bought separately. There will be further expansion for the pack so it is definitely worthwhile to hop on board Dead Rising 4’s holiday train