For Honor Alpha Tester Highlights P2P Matchmaking Issues; Petition Started to Implement Dedicated Servers

Early For Honor players are suffering from P2P matchmaking.

Players who managed to get their hands early on Ubisoft’s upcoming online action game, For Honor, have reported long waiting times between matches, mainly due to the game’s P2P matchmaking system.

Reddit user MexGrow shared his thoughts on Reddit, and Vidme user El_Duairra shared a video explaining and demonstrating various connectivity issues.

You spend a whole lot of time just sitting in menus or looking at the VS screen, it takes forever for matches to finally start (And it’s not loading, if you play against AI, it loads very quickly) so imagine how frustrating it is to be thrown back to the main menu when it fails.

For Honor is an excellent title, but we all now how terrible P2P matches are, and if the game does not ship with proper dedicated server support, I for one, will not be purchasing this game.

I hope to bring awareness to this issue and that Ubisoft understands that most people are not happy about playing on P2P connections.

Ubisoft is yet to comment on any of these concerns, however, the community already started a petition, asking the studio to implement dedicated servers before the game’s launch.

For Honor releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 14, 2017.