Uncharted 4’s New Update Seems Pretty Standard.

New update for Uncharted 4 has finally been released and the details confirmed.

The new update for Uncharted 4 is finally here. Players have been sketchy on some of the details especially when it came to updating Survival mode and the Multiplayer, but now that it is here it can be confirmed. The update is available from today (December 14th) and is 3G (thats a big update).

Here is exactly what you can expect from the update:


  • The multiplayer update adds five new weapons, including returning classics from past games and a heavy weapon
  • There are also new biker and warrior skins for characters (because bikers are cool?)
  • 10 more levels
  • Price drops for some chests (by “some” they mean one chest)
  • New boosters
  • “VIP status” for people who buy Uncharted points (differentiating themselves from us peasants)
  • New mode: King of the Hill (thou shall not… take my hill away from me!)
  • Two new maps: Prison and Trainwreck (featuring music from Uncharted 2)


  • New Trophies will be available
  • There are two more planned Uncharted 4 multiplayer updates for the future
  • Hardcore mode coming in 2017 (like life wasn’t hard enough already)
  • There will be matchmaking

In addition, Naughty Dog has confirmed that they will be releasing a standalone DLC for Uncharted. The game will be called The Lost Legacy and (expectedly) it will star Chloe and Nadine.