New Pokemon Confirmed For Pokemon Go, More Details Next Week

More information will follow on December 12th, according to a tweet via the official Pokemon Twitter.


Niantic Inc has officially confirmed that brand new Pokemon are going to be on their way to Pokemon Go, with more details that will follow within the next week.

It’s no surprise that Pokemon Go was previously struggling to maintain its strong early momentum because new content for the game didn’t arrive quickly enough for many players. It seems that the team at Niantic Inc is aware of this, as more Pokemon will soon be added to the roster.

A tweet posted by the official Pokemon Twitter account earlier this morning states that more Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Go. Although there is no exact timeframe attached to the message, it does note that more details are on their way on December 12th.

A major collaboration between Niantic and Starbucks was already revealed earlier this week in the form of a memo that detailed players can enjoy a Pokemon-themed drink at the coffee chain starting this Thursday. It is unclear whether or not this will be connected to a new Pokemon being added to the game.

It’s already known that the long-term plan for the game included the addition of Pokemon from subsequent generations. It is possible that Niantic could incorporate Pokemon from Gold and Silver next, but it isn’t the only option a developer could pursue.

It was also confirmed today that U.S. cellular provider Sprint will turn more than 10,000 of its locations into PokeStops where players can grab handy items. Niantic seems to be working with partners in order to revive the Pokemon Go playerbase, and the addition of a new crop of Pokemon might just do the trick.