The Wild West Meets Dinosaurs in a New PlayStation VR Game

“Dino Frontier” will be a new PlayStation VR game available in 2017.

The Wild West is a dangerous place with its bands of outlaws, venomous snakes, and harsh desert sun. You know what will make it even more dangerous?- Dinosaurs. Dino Frontier is a new PlayStation VR game what will take the dangers of the Wild West to the next level.


The game takes on the city and settlement management/ god game genre. Players must carefully manage a settlement in the Wild West by coordinating town growth with resource management. Players can assign individual NPC’s to certain tasks, but be careful not to overwork them, as like any ordinary citizen, they will need a break or a drink to refresh themselves.

Now with regards to the dino’s. When players start the game, dinosaurs may pose a threat to your settlement, but over time citizens will learn to tame and train them. Eventually players will be able to use the creatures to help players complete certain tasks within the game.

Dino Frontier will be released on PlayStation VR in 2017.