A Little Insight Goes a Long way for Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerilla Games provides new insight and concept art for Horizon: Zero Dawn.


Horizon: Zero Dawn is a Ps4 exclusive being released on February 28th 2017. The RPG looks like it will be one of the a defining game for developers Guerilla Games. To help build up the hype for the game, head of Guerilla Games-Hermen Hulst- and writer for the game-John Gonzalez- shared insight into their experiences, development, and inception of the game at PSX.

  • Zero Dawn seemed like a risk to Guerrilla; making new IP is “incredibly difficult,” Hulst said.
  • It boiled down to two ideas; one was “prudent” and the right choice, the other was Horizon, Hulst said with a laugh.
  • There was a major “uh oh” moment when Guerrilla greenlit the game, in part because Guerrilla, known for its more linear FPS games, didn’t have all the right pieces to make an open-world RPG. It had to hire new talent and expand its game engine.
  • The idea for Zero Dawn had “too much appeal” and love at the studio that the team couldn’t back away from it, Hulst explained.
  • It’s set 1000 years into the future; but not an apocalyptic setting. It’s like a BBC nature documentary, Hulst said.
  • In the story, humankind is no longer the dominant species; mechanical beasts are.
  • Main character Aloy was in the original pitch for Zero Dawn. She’s the “ideal vessel” for telling the story, Hulst said, because she’s inquisitive, brave, and strong.
  • The three core pillars of Zero Dawn, from day one, were “gorgeous nature,” the character Aloy, and the mechanical beasts that populate the world and create a David vs. Goliath gameplay loop.
  • Zero dawn will have mystical and mythical elements.
  • “Mystery” is a huge part of Zero Dawn. Aloy was born an outcast, so part of the story will be learning about not only her backstory, but where the mechanical beasts come from.
  • The overall Zero Dawn universe “screams” for further exploration, Hulst said. Films and comic books based on the brand could be cool, but right now the focus is on the game, he explained.
  • Guerrilla has been intentionally mysterious when discussing Zero Dawn’s story, in part because a big part of the game are its mysteries, which players will have to uncover for themselves, Gonzalez said.

New concept art has also been released for players to see and hopefully get even more excited for the games release next year.