Could this Be the Final Box for Wii U Games?

Amazon has posted what could be the final box art for the Wii U’s games.

While we still don't have a definite release date or price for Nintendo's upcoming Wii U, it seems the console's official box packaging for games has been outed by Amazon (via NeoGAF).

The box art shown below are for Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed III, Avengers: Battle for Earth and Just Dance 4.

Obviously, these aren't officially official until Nintendo or Ubisoft confirms them. Hopefully, Nintendo releases the official price soon as the console is slated for a holiday release this year.

So, are you liking the motif so far? What I find odd is the yellow trim on the upper side of the box as it seems a little out of place; but other than that, it looks like your typical game box, no?

Which of the big three has the best package design when it comes to their games? I would have given it to Sony if not for the cheap-looking "Greatest Hits" red box that keep on using.