Rumour: Radio Hosts Recording for Grand Theft Auto V

Two previous GTA radio hosts have revealed they’ve been recording material for a new game from Rockstar…

It's hard to believe that we've known about Grand Theft Auto V for almost a year now. Armed with only a tiny piece of information, the hype for this game has just grown and grown, down to the point where I don't think the finished title can live up to what people are expecting. If it isn't the Grand Theft Auto to beat all Grand Theft Autos, people are going to be disappointed. Still, there may be credence to the rumour that the game will be coming out sooner rather than later.

Two unnamed former Grand Theft Auto radio hosts apparently appeared on a Sirius XM broadcast saying that they'd been working on a Rockstar game. The game wasn't named, but it's safe to presume their characters will make a return to the Grand Theft Auto series. The source article on this was rather vague and so even the appearance by the two hosts should be seen as a rumour until further clarification is given.

Of course, if they're recording host segments and, presumably, licencing music for the radio stations, that means the game is further along than perhaps we've been led to believe. Does that mean that it'll be out this year (or even this financial year)? Difficult to say, but at the very least, if this rumour is true, they'll be getting to the point where they can share more details with us very soon.