Redemption in the Form of The Signal From Tölva?

The first gameplay trailer for The Signal from Tölva has been released.

Developer Big Robot has released the gameplay trailer for its new sci-fi open-world FPS, The Signal from Tölva.

In the gameplay trailer, players can be seen taking control of territory on a mission to uncover the secrets of a mysterious signal. But there are multiple rival factions sharing the planet, and they’re out there patrolling, fighting, surveying and taking bases from one another. It’s the player’s job to advance their faction’s interests while trying to hinder enemy activities.


What makes this game fascinating is that all enemy activity is all AI-driven – there is no scripting. So every time players play the game, they ought to see at least minor changes in the balance of power on the map as enemies react to their activities as well.

For those players who were a little disappointed with No Man’s Sky; Signal from Tölva may offer some peace to their disheartened hearts.