Diablo 3 Botter Reveals He Made Over $3000 in Profit

A botter in Diablo 3 talks about his ongoing operation and discloses how much he’s made so far.

Diablo 3

Botters have had a presence in online games ever since it became profitable for players to accumulate virtual wealth and exchange it for real money. Diablo 3, in spite of all the security measures Blizzard has done to protect its creation, is no exception.

Atomic PC managed to scrape up a botter who spoke candidly of his botting operation in Diablo 3. In the interview, the botter revealed his methods, how much he profits from the operation, and how he sells his gains.

How much money have you invested on your Diablo 3 farming operation, and how much has it made?

My initial investment was two Diablo 3 accounts at a cost of $79.95 each plus an unlimited session license to the Immortal Bot which cost around $40 Australian Dollars after conversion from Euros. All subsequent accounts have been bought using either profits in my PayPal account or In-game currency with trusted members of the Immortal Bot forums.

Overall if I was to give a rough estimate of profits I would say around the $3000 mark. That is after covering costs of buying accounts and bot licenses. I upgraded my machine from an i5 to an i7 so the cost of my botting rig was effectively nothing as it is all old parts.

Blizzard remains undoubtedly concerned about the issue and their attempts to clamp down on bots and other forms of cheating is an ongoing battle. Given the money involved with the Real Money Auction House and its potential for exploitation, it should be no surprise that they'll want to do everything in their power to protect the game.