Rumor: Rockstar Scraps Grand Theft Auto V DLC For More Online Content

Story DLC dropped for future GTA Online expansions?


Rockstar first released their Grand Theft Auto V video game in 2013 and since then we have yet to see an offline DLC release. Instead, the developers have flooded the online component of the video game, known as Grand Theft Auto Online, with new and exciting content. Now a new rumor has started to circulate online that suggests Rockstar has officially scrapped plans for offline DLC in favor for new online expansions.

This rumor comes from the GTA forums along with highlights from NeoGAF. It seems that one particular poster has managed to be accurate with a number of claims before Rockstar officially unveiled them. According to the post, who goes by the handle SOFTSECRETS, Rockstar originally had ideas for offline DLC campaign stories for Grand Theft Auto V.

Instead of following through with those ideas, Rockstar found that the online component of Grand Theft Auto V is too lucrative to pass up. With several gamers taking to the microtransactions available for the video game, Rockstar is now focusing more content and future online releases.

Some of the upcoming content that may be in store for gamers is new updated locations. This includes updated versions of San Fiero, Las Venturas, Liberty City, and Vice City. Furthermore, Rockstar could be releasing content for Grand Theft Auto Online for years to come.

If this rumor proves to be true then it very well could mean developers will be focusing more on the online aspect of the upcoming and highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 release as well.