Shadow Warrior 2 to See the Return of Nobitsura Kage, New Missions

Shadow Warrior 2 is going to get bigger, longer and harder.

Flying Wild Hog has just announced that its newly released shooter Shadow Warrior 2 will receive free updates in the form of new missions as well as an ultra-hard challenge mode for skilled players. The Nobitsura Kage, the talking Katana that was the focus of the first game, will also be making a return in these missions.

We recently checked out the game and came away impressed by what it has to offer.

Balance and gameplay changes:

  • “Serene Mind” skill nerfed
  • “Auto-Reload” skill nerfed
  • “Like the Wind skill” nerfed, 5th stage added
  • “Second Chance” skill 4th stage added
  • “Arm of Orochi” weapon significantly nerfed
  • More auras on single enemy for Hard and Insane difficulties
  • More enemies attacking at the same time for Hard and Insane difficulties
  • Enemies speed increased for Insane difficulty
  • Added 3 new ultra-difficult tiers for Insane difficulty with much better loot to find
  • Upgrade drops quality now better reflects game difficulty – on higher difficulties better drops start occurring right from the beginning of the playthrough
  • Added cap for gaining experience speed for every difficulty: after reaching certain character level player gets experience much slower, appropriate information added to difficulty description
  • Fixed bug when player could get quest reward Skill Points more than once per quest per character. If character earned more than maximum number of Skill Points (level + all quests reward) – Skill Points will be capped
  • Due to skills rebalance player will have all skill reset after map loaded – inventory will be automatically opened and message box will be shown
  • Crafting result upgrade quality depends on source upgrades quality now, crafting price depends on expected result quality
  • Final boss drop (“Ryuken” weapon) now available as final quest reward
  • More special enemies, more respawns and better loot on Free Roam missions
  • Elite and Superior enemy “Hellhound” won’t fetch grenades now

General fixes:

  • Fixed bug when player could pickup “King Skelletor” weapon before designed mission
  • Gauss rifle shot tuned down and smoothed, added alternative reload animation
  • Fixed bug when dual melee secondary weapon didn’t inherit primary weapon stats (elemental, damage etc)
  • Fixed weapon being removed from inventory when spawned as turret on map change
  • Fixed “Destroyer of Realms” weapon turret throw animation
  • “Damage resist” player stat now works properly
  • Fixed “Second Chance” skill bug when player couldn’t die even if none enemy was killed
  • Fixed bug when player frezees or looses weapon when damaged or killed during teleporting
  • Enemies with “Swift” aura now return to correct speed after unfreezing
  • Fixed “Belly” enemy animation when reacting to Grip of Darkness
  • Fixed entering T-pose for enemies with uzi.
  • Some cutscene fixes
  • Some walkmesh fixes
  • Some missions fixes

UI changes and fixes:

  • Fixed crash when replacing gems in weapons
  • Fixed bug when player couldn’t replace gem when all slots were occupied
  • Hint area on loading screen now resizes correctly
  • Added option to sell all junks with mouse, added confirmation dialog
  • Corrected various translation and textual errors, added missing strings
  • Fixed enemy “Tumor” mesh in Wanglopedia.

Multiplayer fixes:

  • Performance issue for co-op partners fixed
  • Fixed bug when “Bunny Lord” didn’t drop loot for clients
  • Co-op network bandwidth usage optimizations
  • Fixed bug when using “Emperor’s Touch” weapon produced excessive lags
  • Fixed issue when client was not able to open Inventory or change weapons when using teleport during (or directly before) cutscene

Engine fixes:

  • Fixed bug when game freezes on loading on 2-core CPUs
  • AlienFX is now by default disabled due to crashes on some configs (add -alienfx to properties->general->set launch options in order to enable it)
  • Added -nochroma switch (add -nochroma to properties->general->set launch options in order to disable Razer Chroma)
  • Fixed shadow and geometry flickering
  • Fixed recovering from GPU driver crash
  • Non persistent console commands (e.g. r_weapon_fov) can now be loaded from autoexec.cfg
  • Fixed crash when mfplat.dll is not present in system
  • Optimised weapon switching CPU performance
  • Fixed “DX11 Device not found” error on some notebooks
  • HDR Display options are now only available when Full-Screen mode is selected (as only in this mode HDR Display works)
  • Reduced audio stuttering (VO and music)
  • Optimised shadow rendering performance
  • On first game start dedicated GPU will be enabled instead of an integrated one

Photomode fixes:

  • Increased exposure slider range
  • Fixed slowmo after exiting photomode bug
  • Fixed screenshot rendering (tile mode and anti-aliasing)
  • Fixed FOV when entering photomode with weapon zoom enabled
  • Fixed tiled screenshot mode artifacts (screenshot resolution multiplier > 1 screenshots)