NetherRealm Releases Oddly Perplexing “A New Regime” Trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us

Do you want your trailers devoid of any action or new gameplay details? What about cinematics? Then, this trailer might just be for you!

In a rather strange move, NetherRealm Studios has released a new "trailer" for its upcoming DC fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us. Mind you, I'm using the term "trailer" here very, very loosely as this 2-minute clip doesn't show one drop of gameplay.

So, if you somehow don't like action bits in game trailers, or you don't want any new gameplay details to ponder on (if so, what's wrong with you?!), then this trailer is right up your alley. 

It just shows a flag wavering around while a faceless voice talks about the "New Regime;" and one, I'm certain applies to Injustice's storyline. 

Give it a listen below.

If I would hazard a guess, the speech wouldn't be out of place if it was being delivered by Lex Luthor. Either that, or it's Superman or Batman implementing their own version of "justice" to the world?

Whatever the case is, let's hope NetherRealm shows more gameplay next time, no? 

Who do you think is talking in the vid? Also, what do they exactly mean with that speech? I'm guessing we'll know more as we get closer to Injustice: Gods Among Us' 2013 release date.