Samsung Demands Galaxy Note 7 GTA V Parody Video Be Removed

Samsung’s killing off Galaxy Note 7 mod for GTA V.

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard about Samsung’s latest fiasco with their recently released Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. One of the biggest manufacturers of smartphones and a leading competitor against Apple and their line of iPhone’s, Samsung recently released their Galaxy Note 7. Unfortunately for the company, the Galaxy Note 7 had a small to large chance of potentially catching fire and exploding, a feature one could do without when it comes to a brand new shiny device.

With news quickly spreading online and the media, consumers were quickly sending back their devices. Despite recalling their handsets and attempted fixes, Samsung would eventually discontinue their latest flagship smartphone release. This has led to a massive amount of parodies online that deals with the faulty device.

One of the more popular parodies was a mod for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V, where gamers could replace the sticky bomb with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Within the mod, gamers could throw Samsung’s failed handset and watch it explode. Apparently, Samsung is not a fan of these videos and sent a DMCA to YouTube in hopes to remove any and all video uploads that feature the mod according to The Verge.

As once can imagine, there have been plenty of videos already featuring the mod which has since been removed, but once something is online, it’s near impossible to remove completely. With that said, if you’re a content creator, be weary of this new DMCA going around.