Only Two Weeks Until The Release of Episode Three in Batman – The Telltale Series

The ‘New World Order’ is headed your way on October 25th!


The Batman universe has undergone the Telltale Games style of rendition, and currently their episodic series of Bruce Wayne’s adventures is ongoing. Episode Three is titled ‘New World Order,’ and it’s slated to come out in a few weeks. Gotham has got a new mayor in Harvey Dent, but the man certainly has had some dramatic changes going on in his life. Helping us preview what’s ahead, Greg Miller sits down with Dent’s voice actor Travis Willingham, writer James Windeler, and director Jon Stauder.

Telltale Games are point and click adventures with a heightened focus on the story. With Batman – The Telltale Series following that same mantra, it could be worthwhile to brush up on what’s been going on so far. Spoilers ahead, but this is the general idea of how things are unfolding.

The story so far has two episodes.  The first episode, ‘Realm of Shadows’ kicked things off with Batman encountering Catwoman during a break-in attempt at Gotham City Hall, where an encrypted data drive was targeted. Bruce Wayne manages to tick off Carmine Falcone after meeting up at a Harvey Dent fundraiser, and later Wayne’s friend Cobblepot warns him about a revolution in the city. When news breaks to the public that Falcone was financially entangled with Wayne’s parents, the police use that as an excuse to raid Bruce’s house. Selina Kyle, Catwoman’s alter ego and Dent’s girlfriend, tips off Wayne to a warehouse where this data drive was supposed to go. When Batman shows up, he sees the fallout of a scuffle between the cops and some mercenaries. It turns out Falcone had set up a deal to obtain the drive in order to locate specific chemicals in the area, but the data never came and the cops did. What the drive also reveals is that Gotham’s mayor and Falcone are in cahoots with each other. Players have the choice of giving the data drive to either reporter Vicki Vale or Lt. Gordon. Confronting Falcone in his secret hideout, Batman forces the crime boss to confess. He stole the chemicals, and proves there’s some possible link between Falcone and Bruce Wayne’s folks.

Onward to the second Episode, ‘Children of Arkham,’ Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred tells him the bad news that the allegations about his parents are true. Doubting the things he thought he knew, re-investigating the death of his parents leads him to believe it was an intended assassination. After coming to the conclusion that Cobblepot might’ve been behind the hit, he tries to confront his friend (now known as the Penguin). In doing so, Batman discovers there’s plans to kill Catwoman next. Decryption of the phone from one of Penguin’s thugs leads to a recording that links Mayor Hill and the Penguin together as corroborators. After coming face-to-face with Hill, he admits the truth of it. His intentions were politically motivated, hoping to discredit opposing candidate Harvey Dent in the election. What hurts though is Hill further establishes the connection between Falcone and Wayne’s parents. Catwoman and Batman try to stop Penguin from committing a terror attack at a public debate, they end up falling short of preventing it from starting. With both Hill and Harvey Dent hostage, Penguin reveals his affiliation with a group known as the Children of Arkham. After Thomas Wayne committed Penguin’s mother to Arkham Asylum (and forcing her to take insanity drugs), Penguin devoted himself to purging Gotham City of any corruption. Mayor Hill confesses to arranging for the death of Bruce’s parents, just before being off’ed himself. The player has the choice of either saving Harvey Dent or Catwoman during the final moments of this episode.

Batman – The Telltale Series is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Episode 3: ‘New World Order‘ comes out on October 25th. To learn more about the game, check out the developer’s website, Twitter, and Facebook.