Meet Tekken 7’s Newest Fighter, Miguel Caballero Rojo

“This hatred I bear is for you, and you alone!”


The newest fighter to make his debut is Miguel Caballero Rojo. He embodies the key themes of vengeance and redemption that Tekken 7 is based upon.  After losing his beloved sister in an airstrike ordered by the diabolical Mishima Zaibatsu, Miguel shortly after became possessed by the urge to extract revenge upon the Mishima clan, who changed his life for the worse. Miguel has honed his skills ever since in hopes of writing the wrongs of the past and bringing honor to his sister’s memory.

Miguel’s heavy-handed fighting style and unrelenting thirst for vengeance are powerful motivators for victory.  You can watch Miguel’s reveal trailer that we have linked above. From what we’ve seen, he looks pretty badass, especially with his scathing Spanish taunts and the sophisticated flair to his fighting style and movements.

Tekken 7 will be arriving on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam in early 2017.