Ubisoft Kills Off Split-Screen In For Honor

Devs cut split-screen to focus on polishing overall game.

There has been plenty of hype when it comes to Ubisoft’s upcoming hack-and-slash video game, For Honor. The video game is set in Medieval times where players will go into battle as a knight, samurai, or a Viking. One of the selling points for several gamers was the ability to enjoy the game through split-screen, but today we’re learning that Ubisoft has opted to kill off the feature.

For Honor, as mentioned, is set to be an intense action hack-and-slash video game. With a slew of classes to choose from three factions, knights, samurai, and Vikings, the video game was shaping to be a unique title that was once advertised to be available for couch co-op.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft has officially announced that they have killed off the split-screen feature and the reasoning behind the decision came from a video upload from Ubisoft’s YouTube account.

Apparently, the split-screen function was something that Ubisoft personally enjoyed, but as the game started to be tweaked for online match-making the developers began to notice issues. In order to reach their release date, Ubisoft made the difficult decision to cancel the split-screen altogether in hopes to finish polishing other aspects of the video game.

This has left plenty of gamers unhappy, but it seems with this feature being removed, the game will still be able to meet its release date which is set on February 14, 2017. As for what platforms For Honor will be available on, gamers can pick up the game on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.