High Fashion Meets Fighting Games With This Amazing Tekken 7 Jacket

This reversible jacket features two distinct looks in one stylish garment.


Bandai Namco today announces its Tekken 7 Heihachi Sukajan Jacket, which blends the world of high-fashion with the beloved Tekken franchise. Bandai Namco has created a limited edition statement piece with these gorgeous jackets.

From Paris to Milan, bomber style Sukajan Jackets have graced fashion runways. Today’s version exhibits decades of stylistic evolution and updates since its inception during World War II. Homebound American GIs initially brought this fashion trend to America when they brought these jackets home from war.

Beautifully distinct and intricate embroidered patterns are sewn upon the fabric that was sometimes taken from used parachutes. Sukajan Jackets have become iconic symbols of freedom and rebellion, are mainstay of urban Japanese fashion culture, Yakuza style, and are seen in countless films.

The Tekken 7 Heihachi Sukajan Jacket was designed by former Project Runway contestant, Carrie Sleutkaya. The jacket features a reversible design that showcases two very different color schemes and patterns. These designs were inspired by Heihachi Mishima, one of the most pivotal characters in the Tekken franchise.

The “statement” side of the jacket features royal burgundy and gold with a highly detailed embroidery of Fujin, the Japanese God of Wind on the back. The more traditional side of the jacket takes inspiration from Heihachi’s signature dark gray gi in stain charmeus with the roaming tiger on the back.

Each jacket is crafted fastidiously with custom ribbing, welt pockets, the Tekken 7 Heihachi Sukajan Jacket uses an amazing 40,000 stitches in its intricate embroidery work. These jackets will be produced in an extremely limited quantity with each jacket being numbered individually.

The jacket costs a pretty penny, at the suggested retail price of $449.00 USD, the jacket is available for pre-order in unisex sizes from small to 2XL at the Bandai Namco online store. All Tekken 7 Heihachi Sukajan Jackets will also be accompanied with a copy of Tekken 7 at no additional charge.

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