EA Giving out Free Games for Origin’s Anniversary

Check your inbox as EA is giving out free games as part of Origin’s first-year anniversary.

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EA's Origin digital platform is celebrating its one-year anniversary by giving out free games. This was unearthed when a user in NeoGAF posted the email sent to him.

The email states, "It's the one-year anniversary of Origin, and we want to thank you for being part of our community. Enjoy a complimentary game download on us — just pick which one you want and follow the instructions to get your game."

While the games offered aren't exactly new, they're not bad choices, either. EA is offering Spore, Dragon Age: Origins and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as the free games.

It's still unknown at this time if this applies to anyone who has an Origin account or how someone qualifies for the free game. Aside from this, there's also a sale going in Origin's store.

Here's the image that EA's sending out.

If you play using Origin, let us know if you receive a similar email. 

Does this warm you up to Origin a little bit or it's still Valve's Steam for you?