Ubisoft Registers Domains for Watch Dogs Movie

Ubisoft has registered a few domains that heavily imply they’re already thinking of a Watch Dogs movie.

I think it's hard to argue that Ubisoft's Watch Dogs managed to make a few jaws drop when it was shown off at the publisher's E3 press conference. 

But does this mean the public is ready for a movie of the yet-to-be-released game? It seems Ubisoft has registered a number of domain names that heavily suggest that they're working — or at least thinking — of a Watch Dogs movie adaptation.

Ubisoft has registered WatchDogsMovie.com, WatchDogstheMovie.com, Watch-Dogsmovie.com and Watch-Dogsthemovie.com. 

Of course, this isn't outright confirmation that the publisher is indeed proceeding in making a film version of the game. Ubisoft might be doing this in order to prevent "cyber squatters" from snatching the name up and making life difficult for them later on.

I have to admit, the game's premise of having the world interconnected without us knowing, etc. lends itself to a movie…and one, I'm sure has been done before in some form or another.

Whatever the case is, would you want to see a Watch Dogs movie appear on theaters the same time as the game? Here's hoping that Ubisoft manages to break free of the "game movie adaption curse" if they decide to ever make it.

Source: Fusible