It Will Take You About Two Weeks to Walk Across a Planet in No Man’s Sky But Someone Has Already Done It

Some people are actually trying to find ways to enjoy No Man’s Sky.


Everyone enjoys their games differently, and sand-box games like No Man’s Sky, even though it wasn’t actually revealed as one, enables some players to let their imagination go wild and play the game in a different style than they should.

Don’t you sometimes wonder what is on the other side of the planet you just landed on? Most of us will either disregard it or jump to their spaceship and try and get there. Well, Reddit user “St3amb0t” decided to walk across an entire planet, posting his entire journey for everyone to see on Reddit. It took him a total of two weeks to fulfil his objective.


  • Im not sure exactly how long this took. I didn’t use any sort of timer, other than the in-game waypoint marker for the ship which is not even close to exact. My best guess is about 40-45 hours all together.
  • I’ve been making this journey over the last 2 weeks, playing for a few hours every night.
  • I wish I had checked my number of steps before I started, but they are now at 650k+ on the discoveries tab.
  • I played on PS4. No mods, no cheats.
  • I made excellent use of the melee/jetpacking trick.
  • The Pilgrim Star and Dudenbeaumodeme are officially uploaded to the NMS server. The other three planets are up for grabs if you can find them.
  • It was fun at times, but if you are looking to do something similar, I recommend walking across a moon.
  • I didn’t find a single blueprint that I didn’t already have. I am also mostly fluent in Vy’Keen now.
  • I read the entire story of Hirk and his Vy’Keen war against the Sentinels. Twice.
  • The Pilgrim star is located 166451.2 light-years from the center and is in Ocopadica region of the Euclid galaxy.

He also posted the final hour of his walking journey to YouTube, which you can see below: