Guerrilla Games: Ps4 Pro “Doesn’t Drastically Change” Gameplay; “It’s Just a Visual Enhancement”

Horizon Zero Dawn developer speaks honestly about what PS4 Pro actually offers.


Sony revealed their PS4 Pro during the recent PlayStation Meeting a couple of days ago, and even though everybody was anticipating its official reveal, it received mixed reception.

The upgraded PS4 supports HDR and 4K gameplay, and that is its main attraction. Guerrilla Games’ technical director Michiel van der Leeuw shared his own opinion with Kotaku, clarifying that the PS4 Pro won’t result in drastic changes in terms of gameplay, but it will, of course, enable players to play their favourite games in a much higher resolution and with much more vivid colours, thanks to the HDR feature.

“It’s just a visual enhancement. It doesn’t drastically change the nature of your games…We do the same calculations. Normally we’re just limited by whatever the TV can display. We remove the cap and all of a sudden there’s something quite beautiful underneath. It doesn’t drastically change a thing. It’s just prettier and nicer, for the enthusiasts who are into that sort of stuff.”

To be fair, Sony never claimed that the PS4 Pro will change how we play our games, focusing more on the graphical aspect of the console whenever they talk about it. Horizon: Zero Dawn releases on February 28 next year.