Halo 4 Tactical Packages Guide

Halo 4 Tactical Packages List: Discover the tactical packages you’ll have available in your multiplayer loadouts for Halo 4.

halo 4 tactical packages

Halo 4 is set to place a huge emphasis on its multiplayer modes with the introduction of the new cooperative-based Spartan Ops mode and an overhaul of competitive multiplayer with War Games.

This article covers the tactical packages you'll have available to you in both modes.

Tactical packages are technological advancements available to wearers of Mjolnir GEN2 Powered Assault Armor. These Tactical Packages are simply software upgrades to the armor that increase a Spartan's combat readiness and responsiveness in battle when configured to a specific loadout. They offer an edge in combat that no Spartan could do without.

halo 4 shield package

Shield Package

The Shield Package modifies the existing shield loadout by reinforcing personal energy-sheild emitters, thus providing its wearer with a much higher shield-recharge rate. After taking damage, the Shield Package will allow shields to regenerate at a much quicker speed than they usually do.

AA Efficiency

AA Efficiency (short for Armor Ability) provides a faster recharge for armor abilities.


Equip an extra grenade.

halo 4 firepower package

Firepower Package

The so-called Firepower Package allows its wearers to carry two primary weapons simultaneously through an override of loadout limitations. Spartans who prefer heavy firepower at the expense of close-range versatility and speed should opt for this package.