Hideo Kojima Joins VR Developer Prologue Immersive’s Advisory Board to Help “Shape the Future of VR”

Kojima has been added to a board of advisers to help “shape the future of VR.”


Hideo Kojima is well-known within the industry, with every studio wishing he was on their development team, except for Konami apparently.

Prologue Immersive is a new VR-focused development studio, and they were lucky enough to add Kojima to their board of advisers. He is undoubtedly a valuable asset to the board, and he is surely going to help “shape the future of VR.” Creative Executive Kimberly Cooper founded the company last year, and he is known for being good friends with Kojima.

Hideo Kojima’s focus is constantly on the future. Kojima said Virtual Reality could change not only games but people’s lives and how people interact with entertainment, education and more. Together with Kimberly Cooper, co-founder and CEO of Prologue Immersive, and partner Kyle Cooper, Hideo is applying his experience in gaming to shape the future of VR.

Kyle Cooper, an Emmy Award winning designer and director of film title sequences for film and television, has worked on several Metal Gear sequences and created the spectacular intros for Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3.

Do you think Kojima will help Prologue Immersive in developing unique and innovative VR games?