Skyrim Update Brings Horseback Combat

It’s not a full on DLC yet, but Bethesda is getting there.

Horseback Combat.

For the longest time (since Oblivion) I’m betting you were wondering when Bethesda was going to come up with this. Well, they’ve finally brought it to your console of choice and you can do things with it. Oh yes, things. It’s also free.

With the 1.6 update players can now hack and slash trolls, wisps, and what have you from the comfort of their own trusty steed. No more will your annoying horse be left to fend for itself and whinny trying to take down that mudcrab, you’ll be right in back trying to defend it and yourself. There are limitations though, players can only use melee weapons and bows, no magic unfortunately.

Wait! There’s more! If you have Skyrim on Steam then you can play around with this new feature by opting into beta updates.

There’s no news as to when this update will be coming or when actual DLC will be coming for that matter.

Source: The Daily What Geek