Mounted Combat Comes to Skyrim

You can now kill people while on horseback in Skyrim.

Mounted Combat in Skyrim

Skyrim is undeniably an epic game with plenty of spellslinging and swordfighting, but the one thing it lacks is mounted combat. The next Skyrim update will remedy that particular shortcoming with its addition.

Like the recently added support for the Kinect on the Xbox 360 and more visceral kill cameras, mounted combat will see its addition into Skyrim in the 1.6 update for free. If you have the game on the PC, you can check out the game right now by opting into the latest Steam Beta update. Just remember to make a backup of all your savegame files before opting into the beta, just in case they're incompatible with the proper release later on.

Mounted combat was first shown off at Bethesda's "Skyrim Game Jam" along with a host of other features which have yet to make it into the game. With any luck, we'll be seeing outdoor boss battles and a host of other upgrades for the game.

Bethesda doesn't have any information about when they plan to release it for the PS3 and the Xbox 360, but it's in the works.

In addition to mounted combat, the next version of Skyrim will include a variety of performance optimizations and bug fixes.

Source: Bethesda