Platinum Talks Sequel Interest, Including Bayonetta 3

Platinum Games seems very enthusiastic about sequels.


Platinum Games co-founder Atsushi Inaba, when interviewed last month at BitSummit, touched on several topics. These included the company’s future as well as the interest in developing sequels, including Bayonetta 3.

Inaba has commented about making sequels, and has included a short mention of Bayonetta 3.

“For any time, if we have the chance to make a sequel, we want to do it. There is no title we don’t want to make a sequel for. So, of course, we want to make Bayonetta 3 and Vanquish 2. So, yes, we want to make sequels.”

Hideki Kamiya, Bayonetta’s creator has also been vocal about wanting a third game in the series. At E3, he said it’s “actually something I’ve been thinking a lot about” and Platinum has “talked a lot about internally”.

This past March, Platinum Games’ president Tatsuya Minami retired as head of the Bayonetta development team. He has since been replaced by Kenichi Sata, the former executive director.