South Park: The Game Among Those Delayed

Obsidian is delaying it’s South Park RPG game.

It seems like a lot of games these days are getting delayed and now South Park: The Game/Stick of Truth is among those select few. Developer Obsidian is delaying the RPG until next year. They haven’t given a reason as to why the game is being delayed so we just have to assume that they’re going to make it more awesome.

Recently a couple of big hitting games are being delayed. First was Bioshock Infinite which Irrational Games claims they are delaying to make the game even more awesome. Recent rumors say that Irrational is going to be implementing multiplayer into the game and so it is speculated that this is the cause of the delay. Tomb Raider is the other game getting a 2013 release, which was originally going to launched Fall of this year. Crystal Dynamics says that they are going to be putting some “finishing touches” and polishing the game up.

Do you wonder if these devs are just hoping that the end of the world is coming because they are hopefully lost in trying to develop their game on time? Probably not. We will see dear readers.

Source: GameSpot