Rockstar Releases Grand Theft Auto V Entourage Update

Make your own cunning stunt races with the latest GTA 5 update.

Rockstar Games doesn’t seem to have any shortage when it comes to bringing out new content and updates for their Grand Theft Auto V video game title. More specifically, new content seems to hit the Grand Theft Auto Online division of the video game, where today we are getting news of the Entourage update.

There are a few new features that are coming towards Grand Theft Auto Online with the latest update. For starters, there is a new Adversary mode that forces a team to reach an extraction point for their VIP. However, only the VIP will know where the opposing team attackers are along with the extraction point zone.

Additionally, Rockstar has released a stunt race creator. Cunning Stunts currently has twenty-seven stunt races available for gamers to race through, but now with the creator, gamers can build and share their own courses online. This will likely bring out a number of tense and fun courses to race through in Los Santos.

Finally, what’s an update for Grand Theft Auto Online without a little kickback to gamers in terms of RP and GTA$? All Entourage matches will grant players double GTA$ and RP while clothing and tattoos will be a total of 25% off.

For now, check out the latest trailer for these Entourage update posted above along with the Grand Theft Auto V game gallery down below.