System Shock Remake Kickstarter Ends, Rakes in a Whopping $1.35 Million

Nightdive Studios has run an extremely successful campaign.


The Kickstarter for System Shock’s remake has finally come to a close and is a resounding success. It brought in an astounding total of more than $1.3 million.

Nighdive Studios brought in 21,625 backers who pledged a total of $1,350,700. This amount definitely surpasses its initial $900,000 goal, with several stretch goals having been met in the process.

These stretch goals include in the implementation of Mac and Linux versions, Razer Chroma support, localization in several additional languages, and new game aspects like new areas, crew members, and audio logs.

Nightdive will, however, continue to accept crowdfunding through PayPal, but this has not started yet. It’s not clear whether or not the remaining stretch goals detailed on Kickstarter will still be made available through the money pledged through PayPal.

These would include a full orchestral score, more death cinematics, full mod support, and support for VR systems like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

The Kickstarter began in late June and its release is slated for a very general Holiday 2017.

Nightdive has also released a pre-alpha demo to give fans a sneak peek into what to expect with the reboot, which is available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Bundle.