Star Wars “1313” Trademark Filed

Lucasfilm is at it again with Star Wars. Looking to milk more out of the franchise.

If you’ve felt a disturbance in the force dear readers then it’s not just your imagination. No, the U.S. Military has not made lightsabers…yet…but Lucasfilm Entertainment Company has filed an application to trademark “Star Wars 1313” according to Fusible. All of this started as a rumor floating around about Star Wars 1313, nothing was solid and people were murmuring on the internet about a film featuring the one and only Boba Fett. That is until the aforementioned trademark was filed. The trademark suggests a new video game release due to there being “video game software” and “computer game software” among other video game terminology in the document seen here.

Lucasfilm is keeping it’s mouth tightly shut about this, aside from the trademark filing and the domain registering. E3 is right around the corner though and this new Star Wars game might be the show stealer that will take Lucasfilm/Lucasarts to the top of E3. I say this because a lot of developers/publishers are not showing off anything new. Valve is only showing off stuff we already know about, THQ won’t have a booth, the big three (Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo) are not showing off anything new. Then again I could be wrong. That’s the magic of speculation dear readers.