Jerk in China Makes Bomb Threat Based on Games

Ruins the airport for everyone for five hours.

A man has been arrested in China for allegedly phoning in a fake bomb threat to an airport — a bomb threat that was apparently inspired by a video game.

The suspect called in the bomb threat to Shanghai's Pudong International Airport, demanding 1 million RMB ($158,541 USD). Police reports state that the suspect had told the airport that he had planted bombs on a Shanghai to Chengdu China Airlines flight that had not yet departed and was still at the gate.

What makes this incident interesting what what the alleged prankster was recorded saying to authorities, such as "as long as the touch of a button of my remote control, this aircraft is finished" and "Do you want my account, I will not give you the account, how do you give me money then?"

The airport wasted no time in re-screening passengers and reassigning the plane and designation. The process did, however, take over five hours, disrupting services.

Once apprehended, Chinese news reports that claim the motivation for the hoax came from the dialogue of a video game, although no games are named specifically. The suspect is now in detention awaiting trial.

What a jerk.


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