Game of Thrones Gameplay Video Shows Various Gameplay Elements

Are you going to play your hand in the Game of Thrones video game?

GameStar, a German site, has posted this video of the upcoming Game of Thrones video game. While the language is not something we native english-speakers can understand, it does highlight a lot of the gameplay we have yet to see.

The gameplay in question seems to be very stop-and-go: something which may entice some, but drive away others. It is easy to see that this is a game which will be hit-or-miss, and not much else. Though, with Game of Thrones Season 2 well under way, it is also easy to see how this could be a huge hit.

The only foreseeable could be that the game is licensed. The industry and its consumer market have not been too kind to licensed games, which means that this release will have to be pretty monumental to change the majority's opinion.

Only time will tell! The game is set for release on May 15th of this year on PC, PS3, and Xbox360.