Jaffe Praises God of War: Ascension Multiplayer

David Jaffe has nice things to say about God of WarL Ascension.

While co-op has been whispered about for years, the addition of competitive multiplayer to God of War: Ascension has been for many a perplexing one. Still, series creator, David Jaffe sees no reason to worry.

Speaking to IGN (via Gamesindustry.biz) he says that he thinks the MP "looks cool" and that there's no evidence showing that it's had any sort of impact on the game's yet-to-be-seen single player campaign.

He also notes that Sony Santa Monica is not a studio known for letting people down. I'd have to agree. Their games typically aren't my thing and I think their unorthodox (from my perspective) structure and they way they operate keep them from being a sort of iconic name a la Valve or Naughty Dog, but by all accounts, their portfolio is a solid one.