Holy Sales Batman! [Batman Steam Sale]

It’s the motherfucking Batman Steam sale!

If you're still waiting to get Batman: Arkham City for the cheap or waiting for Arkham Asylum to get even cheaper than it already is then you're in luck! Starting today both games will be available at a discounted price via Steam! You've got Arkham City half off at $15 and Arkham Asylum GOTY at 66% off ($7). An even better deal is the Batman Arkham Bundle. With this bundle you get all the current Arkham City DLC, excluding Catwoman (frowney face!), AND Arkham Asylum GOTY all for 30 bucks. Two games plus all that DLC for that price is a friggin steal. If you don't have either of the games then grab this while you can! The Batman sale will end on May 7th along with the Elder Scrolls sale.

Hurry, hurry, last boat to Arkham!

Source: Joystiq