Breeding Season is Cancelled

A dispute between the founders of the Farming/Sex game have led to the project being shut down.


Breeding Season gained it’s notoriety on Patreon as one of the most “creative” projects to spring up as a result of the website. The Farming Simulator/Sex Game managed to rake in over $32,000 per month with 11,289 supporters.

But the days of this Farm Meet n’ Fuck are over. Circumstances have led to the game’s overall shutdown.

Project Lead HartistaPipebomb outlined everything in a detailed blog post. He starts by explaining that Vladimir Sandler, Breeding Season‘s art director, was ultimately responsible for the game’s demise. He obtained partner level status on the game because he joined it at a very early stage in development. Vladimir’s contract allowed him to get half of the revenue after business expenses were taken care of, but in addition he was also allowed to retain the rights to his artwork no matter what.

The author of the post goes on to lament the ramifications of their choices:

“Consistently throughout the project I have regretted that decision. I essentially made him my partner, and as a result nearly every decision I’ve made has been filtered through him; he has consistently made stubbornly unreasonable decisions borne out by a poor understanding of the actual management of a project, rejected my proposals to hire a project manager (something I promised to patrons and we’ve sorely needed throughout the entire project) or additional animators, made in equal parts incredibly greedy and capricious decisions, continually forced revisions of existing assets that prolonged the project by a massive amount (in some cases making us throw out months and months worth of work), and went over my head multiple times to violate my explicit directions. He has been, consistently throughout this project, a massive source of inflating the scope of the game in completely unreasonable ways, meanwhile being completely oblivious to the amount of work he has been forcing on others. And he’s overall just a spiteful, unpleasant person who can’t control his own anger in a professional setting or accept not getting anything the way he wants. I’m frankly ashamed that (1) I let him have his way over and over again throughout this entire project, and (2) that I’ve been going out of my way to cover for him this entire damn time.”
Ultimately this came to a head in the past month, when Vladimir became absent from the regular streams and meetings. They declined to ever explain why this was happening to HBomb when they asked him about it, leading to the assumption it was a temporary road bump. On July 4th, a staff member named Vanilly gave two weeks notice, citing the fact they were picking upo the Slack in Vladimir’s absence as a primary reason. HBomb was surprised to see that Vladimir and another artist, Subtank, had brought forth a new project that was very similar to Breeding Season. Subtank went on to downplay their involvement, and Vladimir confessed directly to HBomb about the project upon it’s discovery.

Due to these circumstances, HBomb finds it impossible to continue the project. Vladimir stripped the game of half its assets, under threat of legal action against HBomb. He refuses to sell the materials back to Breeding Season, leading the author of the blog post to believe this was entirely intentional in order to doom the project.