Champions and Star Trek Online Hacked in 2010, Developer Only Just Found Out

Time to change your passwords!

If you handed your personal information over to Star Trek Online or Champions Online at any point, you might want to change your passwords just in case. Turns out that Cryptic was hacked — in 2010.

The worst part about this news is that Cryptic only just discovered the security breach happened, and two years is a very long time for hackers to have a hold of your details.

“The unauthorized access included user account names, handles, and encrypted passwords for those accounts.” Cryptic wrote on their website. “All accounts that we believe were present in the database have had the passwords reset, and customers registered to these accounts have been notified via e-mail of this incident.”

“While we have no evidence that any other information was taken by the intruder, it is possible that the intruder was able to access additional account information. If they did so, the first and last name, e-mail address, date of birth (if provided to Cryptic Studios), billing address, and the first six digits and the last four digits of credit cards registered on the site may have been accessed.”

Better safe than sorry, I guess.


[Cryptic via Kotaku]