Crysis Dev: Blocking Used Games Would be “Awesome”

Used games are quite controversial these days.

In today’s world people want money. If they aren’t making even more money than they already have then they aren’t happy. In comes used game sales. Used game sales have been around since the dawn of video game time. It’s a way for us poor folk to get to play the sixty dollar games that we can’t always afford without resorting to piracy. However rumors are flying around saying that next gen Sony and Microsoft consoles will block used games. This has put a rift in the video game industry with some devs saying it’s a fantastic idea while others just claim that it’s downright bad. Another developer has joined the ranks of the Dark side…er former.

Crysis 3 developer Rasmus Hojengaard says that it would be “awesome” if next gen consoles were to block the use of used games when asked about the topic in an interview with CVG.

From a business perspective that would be absolutely awesome. It’s weird that [second-hand] is still allowed because it doesn’t work like that in any other software industries, so it would be great if they could somehow fix that issue as well.

In my opinion software shouldn’t be blocked from being used twice at all. The price of OS’ like Mac OS and Windows OS and any other software is bordering price gouging when you consider that Linux OS and other software that goes with the Linux systems is FREE. We’re in a world where we’ve gotten too greedy and don’t think about people like myself who can’t afford $120 for Windows 7 because my student loan debt greatly exceeds that amount by…a lot.

Used video games have been with us for a long time as mentioned before. It helps Joe Schmoe’s like me to be able to buy new games. Just recently I turned in a ton of games just so I could get a new 3DS and two 3DS games. None of which I would have been able to get had used games been blocked on current gen systems.

Also, these developers and publishers whine and moan about piracy. Once used games are gone piracy will be on the rise even more. Companies are charging $60 for a game on top of making us pay $5 for some skimpy clothing for our characters. DLC is another story and we don’t have to pay for it. However it’s unfair that these developers want to complain that they aren’t making enough money because of used game sales when they’re already trying to milk us out of every penny that we have.

I can not and will not stand by developers who think that used games are bad. You sir/madam are bad for trying to take away video games from me. Myself and others can only afford to buy so many $60 games. Last year Skyrim was the only game I payed full price for and this year Assassin’s Creed III is probably the only one that I’ll pay full price for. It comes to the point where you can only chose one or maybe even two. Student loans and Pell grants only get you so far. As for a job, I have one but I’m only getting two four hour shifts each week. That measly pay check every two weeks goes to rent.

If any of you developers or publishers out there who think that used games should be block and are reading this then think twice. I will not upgrade to the next generation of consoles, I’ll actually probably just buy a Wii-U since that won’t block used games. I will not buy your games anymore unless it is used. I will not support you period.

Gamers, this is a message to you. Instead of rallying against terrible endings in video games and what not we should take a look at the trouble that’s going to make a terrible ending for all of us. Used games are not an abomination and that part of the industry should be preserved. This is the cause we should rally towards, this is something worth fighting for. Used games will never die, and if they do we should not stand for it.

Source: GameSpot