Hardcore Fan Edits 3 Uncharted Games Into Movies

A fan has put together all the cutscenes in the Uncharted games to turn them into full length feature films.


The Uncharted games are well known for their cinematic action, which comes to players in both their gameplay as well as cutscenes. The games have been described as controlling a movie.

As personal favorites of redditor morphinapg, he decided to splice all three of the games into full length feature films. Each of which runs from a hundred to two hundred minutes.

With these projects I was trying to make movies that would be viewable whether or not you had played the game, or even care about playing video games, so I wanted to make them as close to a real movie as possible. This meant taking out as many chapter titles, button prompts, and more to make it seem less like a video game. There were certain aspects I wasn't able to remove, such as the current weapon selected, or an occasional button prompt.

I tried to focus mostly on the cinematics, but also include the minimum amount of gameplay to link them, especially focusing on the more cinematic elements of gameplay. I wanted to make sure not to cut any cutscenes or any gameplay that would leave the viewer confused if they hadn't played the game, so in the end Uncharted 2 and 3 were quite long, but that's just because the stories are much more complicated than Uncharted 1's. Either way it's still a lot shorter than playing the real game, so if you are ever in the mood to watch the story of one of these games in one sitting, but don't have the time to play the entire game through, then these are great for that purpose, or if you want to show these games' stories to friends or family that don't care about playing video games.