Mass Effect 3 Resurgence DLC Multiplayer Strategies and Classes Explained

BioWare has put together a new video to show off the newly released DLC.

Mass Effect 3's senior combat designer Corey Gaspur and gameplay designer Eric Fagnan have put together a video showcasing the various strategies you'll need in the game's newly released Resurgence DLC.

The video showcases the different abilities and benefits for each of the game's newly added classes including the Geth Engineer, Batarian Soldier and the Asari Justicar. The video also shows off the new firebases in which multiplayer battles take place—Hydra and Condor. Neither of these locations have been explored in the game's single player campaign, making them all new experiences for fans of the series.

Mass Effect 3's Resurgence DLC is available now for free on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.