North Korea’s Farming Simulator is Completely Off The Hook

Tractor simulator provides training for people who will probably never use one.

Move over Farming Simulator, no amount of mad ‘no plough’ skills will get you as much cred as this sweet North Korean tractor simulator.

While it’s far from the latest in technology (look at that monitor, seriously,) it’s still pretty cool to look at. I like how it looks like the seat has just been torn out of a bus.

The simulator resides in the Samjiyon Schoolchildren's Palace in Samjiyon, an elite institution that provides programs for children that include art, music, sciences, sports and vocational training.

As wonderful as this simulator is, however, it’s actual effectiveness is debatable. Samjiyon is hardly a farming area, and with it’s unlikely that anyone from those areas will get to use it, as they’re probably too busy being forced to farm opium.

At least it looks cool, right?