Persona 3: FES Coming to NA PlayStation Network Next Week

Persona 3 is set to arrive on the PSN as a PlayStation 2 Classic.

Persona 3 FES

Word has arrived (via the latest PS BlogCast) that Atlus' PS2 classic Persona 3: FES is coming to PSN nest week as, um, a PS2 Classic! FES was a 2007 re-release of '06's Persona 3 with some additional content and enhancements. It will presumable run you $10 on PSN (the price of all PS2 Classic releases so far).

The game was further enhanced (and simultaneously downgraded in parts) in the 2010 PSP port, Persona 3: Portable. The downloadable version of that particular edition just got a price drop last week from $40 to $20. I'm playing it myself and while I'm less than ten hours in, I certainly reccommend you pick up one or the other.

It's a mechanically rich game with real heart in it's characters and it's convinced me you can still make new JRPGs with new ideas that manage to instill a sense of nosalgia while embracing innovation as well.